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Optical Design Software Package

Qioptiq has been developing and supplying optical design software since 1992. The professional Qioptiq optical design software package consists of the following programs:

  • WinLens 3D: design, analysis & optimisation of optical systems
  • Tolerancer: tolerancing of optical systems, ISO 10110 element drawings
  • Glass Manager: database of optical materials / glasses
  • Material Editor: utility to create, edit and manage custom materials

A license code is required to run the programs in this software package. After placing an order, the license code will be sent to you, along with a CD containing these programs and other useful software.

In addition the following software, lens database and manuals, all free of charge, are available:

  • WinLens Basic: design & analysis of optical systems
  • PreDesigner: pre-design & assessment of the paraxial properties of optical systems
  • Lens Library: Designs of LINOS catalog components and systems plus a comprehensive library of optical systems, taken from the literature - can be used directly by WinLens
  • Manuals: for WinLens, Tolerancer, Glass Manager, Material Editor and PreDesigner

WinLens3D and WinLens3DBasic [latest features 2017-06]

Latest Qioptiq catalog components

Latest glasses from CDGM, Hoya, Hikari[Nikon] Ohara, Schott & Sumita

Glass tools now allow simple search for ECO friendly and/or Moldable glasses as well as clearer availability status.
Enhanced glass search capabilities

Matrix option in spot diagrams

    PreDesigner [latest features 2017-06]

    • Gaussian beam analysis enhancements
      • rectangular beam [laser diode] modelling with different beam parameters in either section
      • twin graphs display both sections
      • table displays data fpr both sections simultaneously
      • option to model beam circularisation using crossed cylinders
      Latest Qioptiq catalog lenses for Gaussian Beam suggestions

    Glass Manager [latest features 2017-06]

    • Latest glass data from CDGM, Hikari, Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita
    • Easy to find ECO & Moldable glasses
    • Ability to clone graphs/tables via right click menu [as many as desired]
    • Ability to lock a given clone of a graph or table to a specific glass
    • FindGlass dialog enhanced. Powerful tool for selecting a glass, includes
      • list of most recent used glasses
      • text box[s] with type-ahead list of selections. Can setup to 3 conditions for the glass [name, make, index etc etc]

    Tolerancer [latest features 2017-06]

    • Latest glass data from CDGM, Hikari, Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita
    • Latest Qioptiq components