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Video tutorials for PreDesigner


  • To assess & illustrate the key paraxial or Gaussian beam parameters for an imaging system
  • [paraxial mode] Select key conjugate, field & aperture parameters from comprehensive lists
  • [Gaussian mode] Select key conjugate & beam parameters from comprehensive lists 
  • See list of resultant values defining the system
  • See graphical display of paraxial or Gaussian beam layout
  • Slider based variation of chosen parameters with real time graph/table update
  • Simple to use
  • Suitable for students, teachers, sales engineers and optical designers
  • Useful for learning and teaching fundamentals of optical design and laser beam propagation
  • Helps to show consequences of customer requirements (including incompatibilities!)
  • Customise symbols to suit your preferences
  • German or English versions available
  • [paraxial mode] Toggle between lens & mirror mode
  • Depth of focus/field calculations
  • [paraxial mode] Interactive aperture-field plot. Expanded version shows typical lens systems for different regions.
  • [Gaussian mode] Beam propagation factor Mē 
  • [Gaussian mode] Rectangular beam option

PC configuration: 

  • PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Hard-drive installation space: 20 MB
  • monitor resolution: 1024x768 or better