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Notes on updating Glass Manager:
Download the update file to your PC. When you unzip this file, you must place all the contents into the folder containing the Glass Manager program. The updated Glass Manager program is then ready for use.

download Glass Manager update (v2.3.3)

Glass Manager [latest features 2014-07]

Icons changed to Qioptiq green versions

  • Latest glass data from CDGM, Hoya, Ohara, Schott & Sumita
  • New manual - profusely illustrated
  • Ability to clone graphs/tables via right click menu [as many as desired]
  • Ability to lock a given clone of a graph or table to a specific glass
  • FindGlass dialog added. Powerful tool for selecting a glass, includes
    • list of most recent used glasses
    • text box[s] with type-ahead list of selections. Can setup to 3 conditions for the glass [name, make, index etc etc]