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Windows based tolerancing software for optical systems

  • works with WinLens files 
  • standard WinLens graphs to show sensitivity analysis and Monte Carlo simulations
  • sensitivity analysis for key design parameters (including radius, separation, index, tilt, decenter & various form errors)
  • spreadsheet based tolerance editors with rapid statistical feedback and tools for tolerance assignment
  • Monte Carlo simulations of impact of production tolerances on performance
  • inspect errors/aberrations for individual system in simulation
  • select and model air space compensator to loosen tolerances without compromising performance
  • ISO 10110 drawings of elements and cemented components
  • Model effects of user definable errors to help debug lens manufacture
  • vital tool for the production of optical systems
  • helps with cost reduction by eliminating unnecessary tight tolerances
  • helps ensure production runs are within specs
  • useful design aid

Software Specials

  • all tools accessed via simple menu structure or toolbar 
  • easy tolerance editing
  • comprehensive online "help" 
  • complete manual with examples supplied with software 

PC configuration: 

  • PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Hard-drive installation space: 20 MB
  • monitor resolution: 1024x768 or better