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Any of the LINOS programs can be downloaded from the WinLens web site. However, in order to run WinLens 3D, Tolerancer, Glass Manager or Material Editor, you must purchase an inexpensive license from Qioptic. A single license will activate all four programs.

To order your inexpensive personalised license code for the WinLens software suite, please visit our Qioptic online shop at:

The license is specific to you. Once installed, information from the customised license is clearly displayed in the running program.

Full information on installing the license is provided with the license.

Please note:

  • WinLens Basic/PreDesigner/Lens Library are free and therefore do not need a license to run.
  • No dongles or similar devices are required to run LINOS Photonics software.
  • All software (free or licensed) is copyrighted. Violations of copyright or license agreement will be prosecuted.