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Windows data base for optical glass from all significant suppliers

  • latest glass ranges from Schott, Hoya, Ohara, Sumita, Hikari & Corning 
  • catalog data for individual glasses displayed in tables & graphs
  • glass maps at standard (d, C, F) or user defined wavebands
  • for glass selection and sorting after definition of search criteria
  • fast comparison of all glass types
  • powerful glass selection and sorting capability
  • engineering tools, such as melt analysis & glass comparison
  • glass selections for doublets
  • ideal for development (optical design) and production of optical components and systems
  • add special materials using Material Editor utility

Software Specials

  • access to all tools via simple menu structure or toolbar
  • extensive help with notes on background theory
  • graphs and tables can be loaded and positioned as required by user
  • zoom into any graph

PC configuration:

  • PC running Windows Vista, 7, 8 or 10
  • Hard-drive installation space: 20 MB
  • monitor resolution: 1024x768 or better

This program is part of the LINOS optical design suite. Although the program can be downloaded from here, a license code is required for it to run.