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The Material Editor is a simple utility that enables you to create, edit and manage custom materials for the WinLens3D, Tolerancer and Glass Manager programs.
All material data is stored in its own local database, but can be exported to WinLens 3D, Tolerancer and Glass Manager so that the different programs have the same information.

The following types of data are included:

  • Name and ‘supplier’ of material
  • Refractive index vs. wavelength or direct input of coefficients
  • Total transmission (in % or as fraction) or internal transmission or absorption vs. wavelength
  • Coefficients for calculation of dependency of refractive index vs. change of temperature and pressure (Schott Sellmeier formula)
  • Chemical, mechanical & thermal properties, e.g. Young’s modulus, density, acid resistance etc.

Special features

  • Synchronise data in Material Editor, WinLens3D, Tolerancer and Glass Manager with a single click.
  • Polynomial fit to refractive index data using Sellmeier, Schott, Schott Plus or Cauchy formula
  • Import Zemax AGF-files
  • Import OSLO GLC-files
  • Duplicate materials
  • Archive unused glasses in Glass Manager
  • Export data as text file for backup or supply to a colleague
  • Create melt glass derivative from parent glass

This program is part of the Qioptiq optical design suite. Although the program can be downloaded from here, a license code is required for it to run.