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Following requests by WinLens users, we offer training courses on our Optical Design software.
Are you interested in learning to use the WinLens suite efficiently?
If so, or you just want more information, please contact us via our dedicated email address:

 It would be helpful if you could tell us: 

  • For which software you require training?
  • What is your level of optical design experience?
  • How many people from your company / institute are going to participate?


In cooperation with Qioptiq the LZH Laser Academy in Hanover offers a new compact training course for optical design and development. In this workshop the basics of optical design are communicated based on everyday practical experience and implemented with exercises for the Optical Design Software WinLens 3D.

You can find answers to the questions:

- What kind of aberrations are there?
- How can you minimize aberrations with optical design?
- How do I solve the task with the Software WinLens 3D?

The basic version of  WinLens 3D is included in the registration fee. The participants of the course can purchase a full version of the license at a reduced price.

More information is available on the website of the LZH Laser Academy.